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Whether you need an IT assessment, ongoing support or custom software development, C & V Technologies can provide you a highly cost-effective solution.

  • Webmaster. Let us manage your website. We can ensure that it stays fresh always with up-to-date information. We can monitor it to ensure it stays safe and running efficiently.

    As part of this service, we can ensure that your website is easy to update. A static website is not very effective. Let us help you ensure that your site always shows the latest information about your organization.

  • Requirements Assessment. Often one of the most challenging aspects of IT, whether its websites, infratstructure or software applications, is identifying what you need to solve your problems. Let us work with you to identify the problems and pains and guide you to an effective solution.
  • IT Assessment. If your system is no longer meeting your needs, let us help you determine the most cost-effective solution to meet your needs.
  • IT Support (computer, network, etc.). We can provide cost-effective ongoing support for your organization and employees.
  • Security Assessment. Is your environment secure? Are your customers or employees at risk from hacking or identity theft? Let us assess your environment and help you know that you have a secure system.
  • Website Design and implementation. Is your website driving customers to your business? Does it communicate the message your want. Let us help you design, implement and deploy a website that meets your needs and is easy to modify to stay current with your business.
  • Custom software application development. C & V Technologies also provides software development services. We can help you design the right software application for your needs and then implement it.

    Our primary area of focus for software development is in the following areas:

    • Web applications
    • In-house applications
    • Mobile apps

Please see our expertise resume for the areas of software languages and technologies that we support.